Proper Car Air Purifier | Plasma Ionizer + USB Port + Window Breaker + Aromatherapy

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Never Breathe Bad Air Again!

Finally, a Proper Car Air Purifier for proper cars! Our Sleek design and technology keeps your car fresh so you can keep your mind on the road. Our unique multi-purpose design allows the Proper Car Air Purifier to function as more than just an air purifier. The addition of the stainless steel window breaker keeps your family safe, the USB port keeps your phone charged, and yes, the DIY aromatherapy transforms your car into a stress-relieving oasis. All of this comes centered around our plasma ionizer which sterilizes and disinfects your car to make your drive enjoyable YEAR ROUND. 

Most car air purifiers are made with a 5 step process. We engineered this product with an 18 step process bringing the BEST car air purifier to the market.

  • 99% Odor Removal Rate
  • 3 Level Fan Speed
  • Next Level Plasma Sterilization Technology
  • Releases more than ONE MILLION plasma per voltage eliminates odor, bacteria, and viruses in its path. 

Plasma Ionization Sanitizing Process

When you plug in the Proper Car Air Purifier the Plasma Ionizer automatically activates and a 3 step process occurs faster than a bolt of lightning, destroying bacteria and purifying the air you breathe for a cleaner, odorless, and safer cockpit experience. The Proper Car Air Purifier blocks orders fast and destroys them by releasing pure ionizers. Pure ionizers act as soldiers with the sole mission to search and destroy orders from pets, food, spill, and toddlers. Our system is designed to tear odors apart 10x faster than any other car air purifier on the market, making your commute as fresh and worry-free. 

Proper Plasma Purifiers, Proper Cars

Say Goodbye to: 

  1. Airborne Allergens 
  2. Offensive Odors
  3. Bacteria & Viruses
  4. Cigarette Smoke
  5.  Dead Batteries
  6. Unsafe escape 


Say Hello to: 

  1.  Ultra Fresh, Ultra Pure, Ultra Clean Air
  2. Full batteries for electronics
  3. Safe Escape Tools
  4. Your choice of Aromatherapy

At A Proper Market, we constantly ask ourselves: Why would we breathe unpurified air if we don't drink unpurified water? Our mission is to provide proper people with proper air. 

 High-level Metal Engineered

The Metal made Car Ionizer Car Air Purifier was thought of because it makes electricity 10x faster and the heat dissipation is even better. The excellent high low-temperature performance is incredible and the metal shell makes our product DURABLE and EFFECTIVE. The shell adopts the high precision process, the integrated forming technology is made and passes our 18 step process such as polishing, electroplating, and laser engraving, which makes it sleek. The metallic with any color of the car makes the car interior beautiful. 


Safety Hammer Function

At A Proper Market, we installed the safety hammer to protect you in case of any traveling hazard. You may live by a lake, ocean, etc. we never know what life throws at us but we know we can stay prepared for any battle. So, APM put this in a treat as you travel with caution.  The safety hammer easily breaks the glass so you can escape QUICKLY.


Item Details: 

  • Air Volume: 20CFM
  • Electric Feature: DC12V, 5W
  • Application: Car
  • Ionization Concentration: 27 x 1,000,000 per second
  • Bacteria Removal Rate: 95%+
  • Mold Removal Rate: 95%+
  • Virus Removal Rate: 95%+
  • Odor Removal: 99%
  • Fan Speed: 3 Levels
  • Product Size: 9.5 x 15 cm 


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Stay Healthy, Stay Proper!