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Cures cold floors, toes, & rooms efficiently. You Instantly feel healthy heat evenly spread throughout the entire room floor to ceiling.

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Creates air circulation in a room with ultra quiet air flow & jet power air circulation that maximizes air conditioners efficiency

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You give up things when you buy the Air Jet Series-1. Things like shabby workmanship, being cold in the winter & hot in the summer.

Benefits of Infrared Heaters

IR Heaters primarily heat up humans and objects not the air, causing energy efficient heat.

Infrared Heat is comfortable and immediately takes effect.

Infrared Space heating uses up to 40% less energy.

Reduces heat loss by 15% - 20%.

IR Heaters do not swirl up dust.

At Last! A remarkable breakthrough for curing cold in a large way: The Air Jet Series-1 Space Heater and Fan Combo

Air Jet is an effective bladeless turbine fan that has advanced technology inspired by Jet Engine components that concentrates on relieving low temperature with warm cozy snuggly temperatures.

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How do Infrared Heaters Work?

Infrared Heating is similar to the Sun as it heats up objects & objects retain and reradiate heat back into the space and not up to the ceiling or out the door like air heaters do. It translates to greater comfort and energy savings.

1500 watt infrared heaters use all methods of heat transfer: radiation, convection, conduction, & absorption. The Key is radiation heat as it transfers from a hot surface to a cool surface without any air transfer (losses).

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Proper First Class Air is a mixture of bright engineering minds and modern infrared technology meeting together to bring you the best heating and cooling system in the world.

Best Infrared Space Heaters in America

Our heater fans go through a 500 step process involving hundreds of people dissecting, testing & engineering infrared room heaters. We push the limits in manufacturing the most energy efficient heaters & fans. Most heaters do not last long and are very weak. We see that and know it is a disservice to the customer. We make it a point to provide products that last decades and bring proper heat & comfort to you in your room.

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Are Infrared Heaters Efficient?

The proper answer is Yes. What causes infrared heaters efficiency is through thermal radiation which heats all objects rather than air. Radiant heat energy is emitted in the form of electromagnetic waves in the infrared band. Heat is transferred between conduction, convection & radiation. This causes infrared heat to be the most energy efficient heating system available for households. It allows the source of heat to begin at the floor level and not the ceiling.

The benefits are reduced energy consumption (fuel savings of 20%- 50%) & indoor air quality for you in your rooms.

Are Infared Heaters safe to leave on overnight?

Proper Air Jet Series-1 Heater and fans are very very.....VERY safe to leave on at night because of all of the safety features that it comes along with: It has a 12hr timer that shuts off automatically once the timer ends. It has a tip over function that turns right off if it tips over. It uses Proper Tech that is never too hot to touch. It has a state of the art overheat protection that turns it off if it ever gets too hot. It uses ZERO BLADES. It is 100% bladeless.

The Proper way is the only way!

Infrared heater fan home with text saying never worry about your pet or child. Tip over protection & bladeless air outlet

Why Choose OUR Heater Fans

A Proper Market provides the most unique 2 in 1 heater and fan on the market because we never take any shortcuts throughout the production process. Online you mostly see cheap ceramic heaters and infrared heaters that don't heat effectively or efficiently. In order to provide proper heaters and coolers you need to use proper technology and materials.

When looking elsewhere companies manufacturer in bulk and just want to make a cheap infrared space heater so they can sell it at a low price. But what happens is that 2 in 1 heater and fan only lasts a few months and you want to return it but there is no luck.

At A Proper Market we produce small batches of this 1500
watt infrared heater with perfection. That is something you won't find elsewhere. Our design team, engineer team and production team put all their effort in one product at a time with care so you can be at peak comfort at your home with family, friends and pets.

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