About APM

Once upon a time in the heart of Canton, Ohio, two young entrepreneurs, Justin and Jimmy, emerged from college with a dream in their hearts and a mission to make a difference in people's lives. Little did they know that their journey would lead to the creation of a remarkable e-commerce brand that would warm hearts and homes across the country.

Fresh out of college, Justin and Jimmy shared a passion for creating products that would enhance the quality of life. They were determined to provide not just any products, but high-quality goods that would stand out amidst the sea of cheap imports that flooded the online marketplaces. Their mission was to help people create better living spaces, and they knew just where to start.

The first product they introduced was the Air Jet Series-1, designed not just to keep people warm but to do so efficiently and elegantly. Justin and Jimmy poured their hearts into researching and developing this heater & fan, ensuring it was top-notch, energy-efficient, and, most importantly, safe for families. They believed that a warm home was a happy home, and they were committed to making a difference in people's lives by keeping them cozy in the harshest of winters & the hottest of summers!

While their journey began with the space heaters, their vision expanded to include an array of acrylic furniture that was not only stylish but also durable and functional. They believed that every piece of furniture in a home should not only look good but should be an investment that lasts for generations, and they were committed to providing exactly that.

As a family-owned company, Justin and Jimmy put their hearts and souls into every aspect of their business. They worked tirelessly to build a brand that stood for quality, integrity, and better living. Their dedication attracted a small but passionate team of workers who shared their vision and became like family.

With a warehouse that they called their home base, the team began to ship out their products with care and love, one order at a time. Each product was packed with a personalized touch, and every customer received a heartfelt thank-you Justin and Jimmy themselves.

Word quickly spread about the little e-commerce company from Canton, Ohio, that was changing lives one space heater and piece of acrylic furniture at a time. Customers were drawn not only to the quality of the products but also to the genuine care and attention they received from the brand.

In time, the brand's dedication to proper living became more than just a slogan; it became a promise they delivered on every day.

Customers shared stories of how their infrared heaters made their homes feel cozier and more inviting, and how their acrylic furniture pieces added a touch of elegance and style to their living spaces.

Justin and Jimmy's business grew, but they never lost sight of their original mission. Even as they expanded, they continued to operate with the same passion and integrity that had driven them from day one. They remained firmly committed to their values and principles, ensuring that every product they sold was of the highest quality and made with love.

Today, that e-commerce company from Canton, Ohio, stands as a testament to what can be achieved when a dream is fueled by a genuine desire to make life better for others. With just four dedicated workers and a warehouse, they have touched the lives of countless individuals across the country. Their story serves as a reminder that when you pursue your dreams with passion, integrity, and a commitment to better living, you can create a brand that warms hearts and homes, one product at a time.

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