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A Proper Market manufactures & distributes the world's most effective heater and cooler fans on the market, our specialty is developing heaters and fans that produce infrared heat resulting in remarkable amount of comfort.

• Bladeless fan

• Infrared Space Heater

•High-Volume Air Circulator

The Cooling fans aren't just known for cooling rooms either. The cooling fan rapidly circulates the entire room resulting in a constant cool sensation on a hot balmy day. Our new JetFLOW technology eliminates stagnant air on muggy days by directing air to all corners of the room. Say hello to energized, healthy atmospheres!


Proper® Copper PTC Heating Advantage

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) is a new heating technology that uses alternatives to traditional coil, electric heaters. Utilizing 4.5 ft. of copper, an efficient and long lasting component, these heaters are superior to traditional coil electric heaters heating quicker, longer & more efficiently than other heater and coolers. In addition you'll never have to worry about replacing heating bulbs (quartz heaters).


Benefits of Infrared Heat

As Infrared heating technology imparts heat, the walls of your home will become thoroughly dried, significantly reducing the growth or spread of mold in damp-prone rooms like bathrooms or kitchens.
Unlike regular heater and coolers, our infrared heater and coolers keep the air in your home clean and comfortable and won't circulate airborne dust particles or pet hair.
The health properties of infrared heat are well known, conducting infrared heat to the body is practiced by professional physiotherapists, chiropractors, and sports therapistsOther conditions that benefit from the application of infrared heat include musculoskeletal conditions, coronary artery diseasearteriosclerosis, and hypertension as infrared heat penetrates 3 inches beneath the skin causing an increase in blood flow throughout your body.
infrared heaters cost significantly less to run than using your gas or electric central heating, and unlike traditional central heating systems, they don't require expensive maintenance. You won’t find yourself stranded without heat in the depths of winter, waiting for the boiler repairman to come to restore a healthy, even temperature.
Because infrared heaters convert almost 89.98% of their electricity directly into heat, they are highly cost-efficient. Combined with a thermostat, which will keep your home at a target temperature by turning on and off your heating system as required to maintain it, you could see your home heating costs fall dramatically


Are there fans that heat and cool? 

A Proper Market has the best fan and heater combo on the market. It's called the Air Jet Series-1 heater and cooler fan serving as an infrared space heater in the winter & an air fan that cools & circulates air in the summer.

Are fan heaters safe?

Most fan heaters aren't safe because of blades, ceramic heating elements that are hot to touch and release toxic emissions. Also a lot of space heaters reduce the oxygen levels and humidity in the room causing dry eyes and rough breathing. Good news is A Proper Market is known for it's dedication to infrared heaters that don't dry the air out or reduce oxygen.

Our heaters produce a soft moist heat that ride the humidity in the room penetrating your skin up to 3 inches resulting in breathing better and improving blood circulation helping with injuries & asthma issues. This type of heat is safe & reliable for the kids & pets. The heater and cooler fan is bladeless so you'll never have to worry about blades hurting fingers.

What are the best heating and cooling fan combos?

You've landed in the right spot for the best heater and cooler. Why? Because of our dedication, uniqueness & integrity in every piece made in the manufacturing process.

Each part is tested & analyzed by over 1,000 eyes. If a heater and fan has a spec of dirt or scratch it's tossed out. After the product is assembled we then test it in a 1,000 sq. foot room so the heater and cooler function soothes the atmosphere and humans effectively, efficiently & safely.

The best heater and cooler fans are found here at A PROPER MARKET: home of heating and cooling fans. 

Warranty for Heater and Coolers

• At minimum every item comes with a 1-Year Warranty

• Zero-risk involved as you can try the product out risk-free for 30 days. 

• Free-Shipping on all heater fans.