How to Heat AND Cool a Sunroom

We all love a nice, comfortable sunroom that exposes us to earths gifts in the comfort of our homes. There's nothing better than enjoying nature while being in your home protecting you from all the nasty things earth brings. 

Depending on where you live, the weather isn't always the same. Mother earth has it's power to give us different elements throughout the year causing an uncomfortable sunroom. Let's go discuss the best ways to heat AND cool a sunroom!

The best way to heat a sunroom

• use an Infrared space heater. Skip the cheap ineffective ceramic heaters that only heat a few feet around them while drying out the air. Use an infrared space heater that heat's like the sun and is cost efficient from it's ability to heat walls, ceiling, objects through radiation heat. The best infrared heater and cooler is found here at A Proper Market, called the Proper Air Jet Series-1 Heater and cooler

• Crank up the heat on your thermostat through your homes heating system so it seeps into your sunroom during the cold seasons. You may have to hire a heating and cooling specialists that installs more air vents in your sunroom so you get proper air flow. 

• Ductless mini splits are worth as they are highly efficient, saving you money on heating costs.

• Add comfortable carpet as it acts like a blanket on your feet causing an energetic warmth to fill your legs & body. 

The Best Ways to Cool a Sunroom (Cost Effective)

• Install sunroom blinds that have the ability to block the heat that radiates from the sun causing your sunroom to become hot.

• Purchase a cooler fan that has the ability to be an air circulator fan as well so it pushes cool air from your central cooling system into the hot balmy sun room. 

• Open windows/doors so the results create a draft in your sunroom causing a cool sensation. 

• The last and possible most costly would be extending your HVAC system into your sunroom enabling to control the temperature specifically in your sunroom. 



Written by Jimmy Russell

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