top of heater and fan combo showing the touchpad control panel
heater and fan combo showing a list of features including led touchpad panel, bladeless hot and cool fan, tilt up and down, oscillating base, smart temperature sensor
heater and fan combo on the floor in the living room heating up a large room with its 1500 watt infrared space heater
heater and  fan combo LED control panel for fan speed, mode, timer, oscillating and degrees thermostat
heater and fan mode showing the air circulator fan mode on the led touchpad panel
heater and fan combo circle copper heating element saving money on heating bills bills
filter that traps particles and dust on the heater and fan combo
heater and fan combo tilting up with text that reads heater and cooler, air circulator fan

Proper® Air Jet Series-1 Heater and Fan Combo

$315.00 $597.00

The new "All-In-One" Air Jet Series-1 multiplies air 120x to move airflow a true 33 feet for whole room circulation. And its money-saving features save up to 50% on your heating and cooling bills.

For winter it's an Infrared heater that uses a Copper heating element that produces 7x more heat. It heats an entire room floor to ceiling, wall to wall keeping everyone comfortable with body-soothing infrared heat.

For summer, it's a powerful cooling fan that thrusts directed air for max-circulation. Its jet-like propulsion of air fully circulates air in a room in seconds.

Pumps Massive Amount of Air

"You'll never see a heater throw out so much Infrared Heat. And you can really feel the coolness with the air circulator setting moving a massive amount of air. It has jet engine power but without the noise, it's so quiet!"


Heats AND Cools 1,000 sq. ft.

• Reduces Heating & Cooling Bills

• Uses a cured, circular copper heating element: the thermal conductivity of copper is 20x that of stainless steel. In simple terms, its copper transfers produces heat 20x faster. 

• No heating element bulbs to ever replace!  

• Heat Doesn't Dry Out the Air (our soft heat helps you breathe better)

High-Volume Air Circulator for Whole-Room Circulation

Heats better than a furnace

• Keeps you Comfortable Year-Round

Oscillates and Tilts for Even Heating and Cooling

The oscillation function automatically sweeps the room from side to side to distribute even heat and even cooling throughout the room. An even better advantage that other heaters and fan combos don't have is that you can tilt it up or down. These two functions ensure that you'll never have hot spots or cold spots in your room ever again. 


  • Boosts your Immune system: How? the heat helps our capillaries expand which increases oxygenation & regeneration of red blood. Resulting in detoxifying our major organs.
  • You'll Breathe better. As infrared heat keeps moisture & oxygen in the air. Suited for individuals with asthma and allergies
  • Improves blood circulation helps soothe aches from arthritis & other injuries
  • No Dry Heat. common space heaters draw moisture out of the air as a part of their heating process creating itchy eyes & throats. Air Jet doesn't produce dry heat. Instead of heating the air, it only heats the objects in the room for an instant soothing effect that lasts long after you turn it off. 

Money-Saving Features

  • 100% Safe Around Children & Pets • Overheat Protection • Tip-Over Protection
  • Easy-to-use Touchpad Control Panel + Long Range Remote
  • Adjustable Thermostat 40-90 Degrees
  • Bladeless Air Outlet - No Blades. No Danger. No choppy air
  • Reusable Air Filter. Doesn't recirculate particles & bacteria. 
  • Standby mode:  when the temperature in your space has exceeded the set temperature by 2°. When the room drops 2° below the set temperature, it will resume heating or cooling.
  • Built-in memory recalls all settings even after a power outage
  • Programmable Timer up to 8 hours for an automatic shut off

5 MODES. 10 Fan Speeds on each Mode

  • HIGH HEAT - Best for warming large spaces
  • LOW HEAT - Cozy, soft heat
  • FAST FAN - circulates cool air in the room.
  • LOW FAN - Smooth, cool, and quiet air 
  • SLEEP MODE - Dims the fanlight and eliminates all noise

COPPER Heating Elements Saves up to 50% on Bills

The circular copper element combined with the DC motor provides long-lasting heat using less electricity so you can save big on your heating bills.

Instead of warming the air like other conventional heaters. The Air Jet heats objects using the same concept as the sun.

The infrared rays radiate outward, heating all nearby objects. Creating a widespread comforting effect. The rays penetrate beneath the skin for therapeutic comfort. 

Standard heaters are ineffective because they heat the air. That wastes energy and disrupts air quality in the room. Thus creating toxic heat that dry's out the air. It's not efficient & runs up your electric & furnace bill. Our circular copper heating element ensures whole room heating for your cold rooms so you don't need to crank the furnace up. 


The high-volume air circulator creates a rapid cooling sensation! Since it's bladeless it doesn't chop the air. Air Jet provides smooth, uninterrupted airflow with high efficiency.

It's 120v DC motor allows high air output using as little as electricity possible. And the motor is super quiet when on it's highest setting. You will never be hot or cold again.

Item Details:

• Dimensions: 11.5" H x 11.5" D x 10.5" W

• Dual Motor: 900 Watts on low and 1500 watts on High

• Temperature Settings: 40 - 90 Degrees 

•  Personal Remote

• Cord 6 feet long

• Weight of Product: 7.8 lbs.

• 1-Year Warranty Included

• Operating Manual Included + Air Jet FAQ

 ETL Verified is a product certification mark that demonstrates that a product has met certain design and performance standards. The ETL Verified mark denotes an elevated level of quality and reliability for a product, signaling to consumers that a product meets high standards.

Risk-Free Guaranteed.

1. Free Returns within 30 Days.

2. Fully Insured for a year.

3. Ships in 24 hours.