FAQ For Air Jet Series-1

My Infrared Heater shows Celsius instead of Fahrenheit ? 

When you receive the unit it may show Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, an easy way to fix this issue is to hold the touchpad panel button that has 3 dots in the circle. If you hold it down for 3 seconds it will switch temperature settings. 

How do I change the mode from heating to cooling & vice versa? 

Tap the button that has 3 dots in a circle and it will switch modes to High Heat, Low Heat, Low fan and Fast fan. 

How do I turn my heater and cooler fan off & on? 

There are two off and on buttons on the Air Jet Series-1, in the back next to the air filter is master switch that turns it off and on. Then on the top of the heater and fan there is a red power button. Either one does the trick, the master switch on the back won't allow you to turn on the heater with a remote. Turn the master switch on and the long range remote allows you to operate the unit freely. 

How do I change the fan speed? 

If you are using the remote, press the fan arrows up or down to adjust fan speeds. If you are using the control panel on the 2 in 1 heater and fan use the blue arrows. 

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