What is the Best Space Heater to Shop for?

What is the Best Space Heater to Shop for?

For info on the most energy efficient space heaters, electric heaters for garages, and anything in between we have you covered. Learn from experts what makes best space heaters unique.


What to expect this winter

According to experts, temperatures across America are falling rapidly and to couple with that heating bills are expected rise almost 116%. This makes it the perfect time to buy the best space heater that will save you money while giving your furnace a break. Think about the massive amounts of cash that could be back in your pocket. Here’s How:


save-42%-on heating billsinfrared heat transfer is superior

Infrared Space heaters generate and release heat in a way that is superior to other alternatives. Studies have shown that it can save an average household up to 42% on heating bills if used properly. This is possible due to features such as a built in thermostat- which allows you to set the temperature and once the room reaches that it will automatically shut off.


Furthermore, Infrared Heat travels in a way that allows the heat to stay in any room for up to 3x longer. This is due to the transfer of heat that will leave any home ready for the harsh winter season. Instead of heating up the air like any old cheap ceramic heater, infrared heat transfers from object to object, heating up things and humans in the room. This gives a more even and longer lasting heat.

How Space Heaters are efficient

Space heaters for large rooms can create a huge advantage because they are designed to heat up one space efficiently. Most people spend more than half their time in one single room. This allows homeowners to turn down their thermostat and run the space heater in the most popular room, lowering the amount of energy bills all together and efficiently heating the necessary rooms.

using heat in desired rooms, furnace off, saving money

Features to look for when shopping for space heaters

  • Safety features. Creating a safe home environment is most important when making your decision. Some space heaters can be a fire hazard while some take that risk completely away by installing overheat protection and tip over shut off technology.
  • Warranty. Always be sure to review the return/warranty policies.
  • Year round use. Some heaters will act as a space heater and fan combo. This will allow you to use the machine year round and get the biggest bang for your buck.

Benefits that come with Space Heaters

  • Space heaters are safe and efficient ways to heat a home. They are safe to breath in and studies have shown that it keeps moisture in the air.
  • Instant heat. The heating usually occurs within seconds, so there is not need to wait while you are cold.
  • Cost effective. Save money while being warm.

Where to get your space heater

Space heaters can be bought anywhere like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon and Target. But the most energy efficient space heaters can be found other places too.

There is a lot to consider when finding the right space heater. You can search space heaters near me and find one in person or search online. You may want a space heater for your garage, for a large room, or a small room. Whatever the case may be there is always an option that trumps the other. Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, and Target can all offer cheap heaters that will heat a minimal space and not last very long. Our recommendation is to buy a heater that will last generations and be useful year round. The Proper Air Jet Series-1 Infrared Heater and Cooler Fan is a unique space heater and fan combo. This means it can be used 365 days a year while it heats and cools 1,000+ sq. ft. It has multiple modes that range from 900 WATTS to 1500 WATTS, so it can be adjusted for any use. 

graph showing Air Jet Series-1 is the most efficient space heater


This is a guide to buying the most energy efficient space heater and the most useful electric space heater. It is meant to give you the most information when making your purchase. Thanks for reading!


Written by Justin Ditty

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