The Best Heater and Cooler

 heater and cooler

A powerful heater and cooler fan that gives comfort, unlike others. Because it's➖

A High-Volume Circulator➖ 10 Fan speeds blasting air over 33 ft.

A Infrared Heater➖  new developed circle copper element produces therapeutic heat. It doesn't dry the air out. And it spreads evenly, wall to wall, floor to ceiling. 

A completely equipped Fan➖  it has every feature known to man. But what makes the Air Jet unique is how it tilts & oscillates for even cooling and heating. Nowhere else will you find a fan & heater that does this.

A Money Saving Fan➖ Air Jet reduces cooling and heating bills from it's super-efficient motor. How? The DC motor that pushes air out uses 90% less energy than your air conditioner. And is 200% more efficient than a ceiling fan. 

A Healthy Fan ➖ the spider web filter doesn't allow the tiniest particles in. Meaning only clean air circulates through the air jet. No more dust or bacteria in your air. 

A Cooling Fan, A Air Circulator, A Heater. = the best heater and cooler fan on the market!

heater and cooler cooling a room and heating a room
Written by Jimmy Russell

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