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Is Infrared Heat safe? 

During the course of a long and harsh winter you want to walk inside your home to feel the comfort of warm air, right? Yes, would be the clear-cut obvious answer to that. The real question is, at what cost?


Keeping a safe home for children and pets is the most important thing when figuring out how to keep your home cozy and warm. Bladeless heaters can immensely change the temperature of your home and keep out the nasty decreasing temperatures of the outdoors. The best thing about these heaters are that they will never harm a child or pet when attempting to touch, inadvertently or not. What this means for you and your family is that you can get as close to the heat pumping out to warm up and feel no negative repercussions. Set that heater up right next to you as you work, sleep, play, or whatever your daily activities consist of. There is no such thing as “to close for comfort” when it comes to bladeless fans.

 How Infrared Heaters Protect Us

If you're worried about keeping the environment safe and keeping our amazing green planet the way nature intended it, you just may be able to help that cause by using an infrared heater as well. The mainstream way to heat homes in America is conventional heating, which burns fossil fuels into the Earths air and in return pollutes our environment. Imagine if every household in America chose the better alternative to heating their homes with an infrared heater, the mass amount of less fossil fuels burned could drastically help the environment! It may take some time for this to happen across the nation, but you can help buy purchasing an infrared heater. The heat in your home will feel much better than conventional heat, and your conscious will feel better. Everyone wins in this case!

 Safety Insurance

The risk of heating your home is indeed a real thing, so why not minimize that risk as much as possible? Certain infrared heaters take the next step in ensuring a safe home with many different modes of protection for you and your family. Leave that heater pumping in your home all day, night, and evening, it doesn’t matter! With overheat protection you never have to sweat it (no pun intended). This safety mode allows you to keep warm air coming into your home 24 hours a day with no worries or hassles. If for some reason the heater gets to hot and could cause in issue in your home, it will automatically shut itself off, relieving you of any stress and giving you a warm home to come into.

 Keeping our loved ones safe 

Now, we already talked about the safety of our fury friends that we love ever so dearly, what if we leave them at home with the heater running and they accidentally knock it over? What if for any unseen circumstance the heater tips over and poses a potential mechanical threat? Never fear, tip over protection is here! If you buy the right infrared space heater, the technologically advanced machine will automatically shut off when tipped over. This is a win for homes all across America. No one can foresee events that might tip the heater over, but in the unlikely event it does happen, you will surely be covered. Don’t believe that a heater can shut itself off when tipped over? Well, I guess you will just have to see it with your own eyes!

 More benefits, More Health

Infrared heat has so many benefits other than just keeping you warm throughout the long winters. As if an infrared heater was not good enough that it keeps your home at a good temperature, it is also good for you! If you have ever been to a sauna to sweat out toxins, or just relax after a long day, you surely know how good this feels. Well, there is a catch to this, studies show that infrared saunas are astonishingly safer for you then steam saunas. The infrared heat is safe for your body and to breath in. If you're safe inside a small space sauna with nothing but infrared heat, you are surely safe inside your home, office, or anywhere else with your infrared heater blowing out warm air for you.


Now that we have gone over all the ways that infrared heaters are safe for your home, we want to make sure you do not do anything that would cause an infrared heater to make a home unsafe do to user error:

  • Only plug an infrared heater into a standard wall outlet: This is very standard for most heavy voltage items. It is important to never use an extension cord when plugging in an infrared heater. Trust me, the right infrared heater will pump out enough heat to reach you wherever you are!
  • Do not block the air outlet: While the infrared heater is shooting out massive amounts of heat, it is essential to not cover this air way with anything. Do not leave any clothes, drapes, or flammable objects in front of it that may cause a fire hazard.
  • Is the infrared heater certified?: Give yourself the peace of mind by getting a heater that is certified by trusted associations. This will ensure you that the heater is made properly and safe to use inside your home.

 Heating Your Home The Right Way

That was a lot of information to take in but it is well worth it when understanding the importance of heating your home the right way. The data shows that infrared heaters are a great way to heat your home and keep your family safe during the winter season. This winter be prepared to keep your home at the right temperature for yourself, family, pets, and anything else inside that is near and dear to your heart. No one wants to walk into a freezing home when coming inside from the snowy outdoors. Walk into a well-balanced, fully heated home this year.

Written by Justin Ditty

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