Proper® Mini Electric Heater

$56.00 $126.00

The Mini Furnace Like Heater simply plugs into your home's outlet and instantly starts pumping out smooth soothing heat at 500 Mega WATTS. 

  • Heats up to 422.3 sq ft
  • Rapid heating system heats any space under 5.5 minutes
  • ONLY 5 Cents PER hour to run

PTC Ceramic Heating Element

While traditional fixed-resistance heaters employ wires and coils to generate heat, Proper® Mini Electric plug-in Heater heaters use conductive links printed on thin, flexible polymer-based substrates.

Proper® Mini draws full power initially to quickly heat up and reach the optimum temperature. As the heat increases, the power consumption simultaneously drops. This dynamic mini furnace heating system is not only effective & safe but also time and energy-efficient. 

Revolutionary Digital Thermostat

Proper® Mini Electric Heater was advanced engineered to operate anywhere between 50-90 degrees with a real-time digital thermostat allowing you to adjust the temperature of the room to your desired degree.

Remote Control 

No need to get up and lean over to adjust the mini heater. Sit back and relax in a world of luxury comfort and adjust the degree. Too cold? easily click the remote to higher the temperature.

500 Super-Charged Watts

This pumps out major heat at 500 watts. One person said: " I was shocked at how well this warmed me in my room, it blasts out heat and I could hardly hear that it was on!" 

Worry-Free Overheat Protection

Never worry about flames or the product overheating. Our marvel engineering team keeps safety at the forefront of their minds!


Easily set the Timer for 1 to 12 hours


Item Details: 

 Voltage: 110-220V

Watts: 500W

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Shipping: We ship everything within 24 hours from our warehouse in Canton, Ohio