PROPER® Air Jet Series-1 Infrared Heater + Cooler Fan



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heater and fan
Firstly, no one enjoys being uncomfortably hot in the summer and paying huge air conditioning bills to cool down, and secondly, no one likes freezing at home and spending a ton of money on heating during the winter.
Heating & Cooling for Year Round Use
The Air Jet Series-1 brings instant-relief from the dark, dreary cold with it's state-of-the-art "heavenly heat" that won't dry or dehydrate the air like most cheap heaters - it emits a special heat that's moisture infused so it doesn't diminish oxygen or humidity & soothes your cold body with bone-warming heat.
It doesn't stop there- in the warmer months it provides cool air that circulates the room instantly eliminating heat waves, balmy days & the stagnant hot muggy air in the room.
Saves Up to 42% on Total Utility Bills
Never be cold or hot again with the NEW AIR JET SERIES-1. It's designed and engineered with several patent-pending breakthroughs to save you money on your heating AND cooling bills. These breakthroughs make the 2022 cooler/heater fan the most powerful heating & cooling source in North America. 
Tested & Trusted
US engineers combined a specially designed circular copper heating element that ensures whole room even heating with a first-of-its-kind jet engine fan that rapidly circulates air in the room. Next, our engineers redesigned how the air flows in & out of the machine and copper element. Their new design resulted in amplified heating & air circulation performance. The designers at A PROPER MARKET call this their "JETflow" circulation air technology resulting in moving air as far as 32.4 ft. per second.
Most units sacrifice safety for performance or vice versa. We've made sure the heat soothes your body & room efficiently and healthy. The cooling performance is a constant sensation of comfort in your room.
We took the time to make sure it's the safest space heater/cooler you can buy for your furry pets, kids & home investment with multiple safety features.
  • Internal thermostat for overheating
  • infrared heat is the safest heat as it produces zero flames or toxic emission
  • specially made filter traps bacteria & particles making sure it doesn't recirculate into the air producing a "breathe of fresh air" 
  • If it tips over it shuts right off within 45 seconds
  • Bladeless design making it safe to touch
Say goodbye to poor craftsmanship, poor heating elements & fans that only move air a few feet around them. This all in one appliance serves you in the cold winter months with soft, energized heat that wraps the entire room with healthy heat that penetrates 3 inches beneath the skin improving blood circulation resulting in soothing aches from arthritis & other injuries also improving your breathing as our infrared heat keeps moisture & oxygen in the air suited for individuals with asthma & allergies.
Instead of warming the air like other conventional heaters, the Air Jet heats objects directly in its path using the same concept as the sun ensuring the whole room has evenly balanced heat. Heating the air wastes energy and the benefits of the heat are not felt immediately. The rays produced by the world-famous Air Jet Heater/Cooler penetrate and warm you beneath the skin. The infrared rays radiate outward, heating all nearby objects, producing a widespread effect. This all happens immediately, with no need to wait for the heat to build up.
""I've never seen a heater throw out so much Infrared Heat before. And I can really feel the coolness with the air circulator setting moving a massive amount of air. It has jet engine power but without the noice, it's so quiet! "
 oscillating space heater


The cooler/air circulator fan is the first-of-its kind jet engine fan that rapidly circulates air in the room. 

• 9 Fan speeds + Circulation Mode that pushes air to all corners & spaces of the room for a constant sensation of comfort
• eliminates muggy, stagnant air in rooms

Specially Made Bladeless Air Outlet

The Circular bladeless design jointed with a DC motor results in amplified circulation/cooling performance that gives you a desh sensation of cool crisp air on a hot day

•Moves air an astonishing 31.2 ft of airflow distance
• increases central air unit efficiency over 90%

Air Jet Series- 1 super-efficient fan system produces what is termed white noise which blends into a home atmosphere and becomes virtually inaudible.
The new fan is able to generate higher pressure airflow which pushes the cooler air out further into the room.




• user friendly touch control panel with remote

• no heating bulbs that run out

• 200% more efficient than a ceiling fan

• Moves an astonishing 30+ ft. of airflow

• 5 modes = high heat, low heat, fan, circulation mode, sleep mode. 

• 10 fan speeds on each mode

• 40-90 degree enhanced thermostat setting

 Heats better. The thermostat has been vastly improved so that it operates within a tighter range of degrees. Electronic thermostat not only eliminates the problems of a mechanical thermostat, but is set to a much tighter tolerance. This will promote an extremely comfortable, even, stable heat.

 • no exposed heating elements that can cause a fire.
• Cannot harm children or pets.
• Heats room evenly, wall to wall and floor to ceiling.
• Can lower your heating bill; in some cases the savings may be substantial.
• 1-year warranty on parts and labor.
• The super powerful electric heater/fan runs much quieter.

•New super efficient fan system produces what is termed white noise which blends into a home atmosphere and becomes virtually inaudible. The new fan is able to generate higher pressure air flow which pushes the cooler/warmer air out further into the room.