Do I need a Furnace Repair?

What to Do if your Furnace Stops Working

"My furnace is broke." What do I do now?


This is something that tragically occurs to millions of people every year. When the heat is not working in your home, that can be a very unpleasant scenario for more reasons than one.


You will have to figure out how to get a home furnace repair. Gas furnace repairs can be a pain to homeowners, to repair a gas furnace it can cost thousands of dollars and take a very long time for the technician to come out to your home and finish the furnace repair.  In addition to troubleshooting a gas furnace, often times it takes extra maintenance to the different areas of your home to fix a furnace that is not turning on. If your house heater is not working, you may want to consider putting off a heat repair mission for a bit if you can, at least until you find the right person to fix it. Otherwise, it is sure to cost you, your wallet and home.


So, there is a way to put off a furnace repair?


While your house drops in temperature, there is a much easier way to keep your home at the right temperature. Infrared heat is known to be an amazing substitute for a gas furnace that is not working. Infrared heat works very similarly to the way heat from the sun heats us up. The heat is not absorbed into the air directly, the infrared heat travels from object to object in the room to heat everything evenly, safely, and efficiently.


The Proper Air Jet Series-1 Infrared Space Heater & Cooler is the best on the market and is sure to keep your home warm while your furnace is not running. This heater will give you the satisfaction of having a cozy temperature in your home with its jam-packed benefits. Just to name a few; it has a long-range remote, tip over AND over heat protection shut off, bladeless fan for safety of children and pets, a 12-hour timer, LED touchpad panel, oscillation, oh… and did we mention it is also a fan for year-round use? Yup, doesn’t get much better than that! So, save yourself the hassle and get yourself one while your furnace is out.


This will give you time to ask these questions.


Who do I call for a heater repair or a furnace repair?

Is it easy to do a gas furnace repair?

What can I do if my furnace is not working?

How to start furnace troubleshooting and gas furnace troubleshooting?

Why is my house heater not working?

How to fix a furnace?

Why is my furnace not turning on? Why is my heating not working in house?

What are common furnace problems? Why is my furnace not kicking on?

Why is my gas heat not working? Why is my furnace blower not working?

Is there a reason my furnace turns on but no heat comes out?

Are there any DIY furnace repair options?


If you are finding yourself asking any of these questions it could be time to look for an alternative option to heating your home while you figure out exactly why your furnace quit working.


Some common things to look for that may be an issue with your broken furnace, or why it may not be heating up.


1) If your central heating is not working, try resetting the circuit or making sure it is actually turned on.

2) Make sure there is no debris clogging the furnace or keeping the ignition from working.

3) Check the vents to make sure nothing is blocking them.


We know how frustrating it can be when a house furnace is not blowing out warm air in the winter. Beyond it being frustrating, it can be dangerous to lose that much heat in the house. When the heating is not working, odds are you will have to find a good deal on servicing a furnace, unless you can do a DIY furnace repair. This can cost so much money and take too long. You need heat now. You will love a infrared heater fan that will give you year-round use for many years.


Written by Justin Ditty

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